2014 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Club held at the Clubhouse on Sunday March 9th, 2014


Graham Hawkey-Smith
Ray Collins
Leah Pittman
Carol Sams
Steve Burton
Lindsay Edmonds
Paul Newbury
Vivien Stokes
Mike Fenn
Jane Collins
Janet Barnes
Geoff Garrett
Robert Collins
Arlo Parker
Evelyn Flint
Brian Heath
Les Ammon
Ben Lane
Colin Bickers
Paul Tuck
Karen Playell
Pete King
Dave Dennison
Peter Flint
Katie Lucas
Jackie Ashford
Suzanne Forster


John Swords
Graham Rayner
Daren Donald
John Brooks
Dawn Busby
Nick Karmy
Jacqui Rayner
Graeme Tunnock
Paul White
Sue Rayner
Jo MacSween
Chris Rayner
Pat Franklin
Jan Connett
Alex Sollo

Minutes of 2013 AGM

1.01 Dave Dennison proposed and Mike Fenn seconded, that the minutes of the 2013 AGM be accepted as a true record and signed. This was voted on and carried by the members present.

Matters Arising

2.01 No matters were raised.

Presentation of Accounts for Year Ending 2013

3.01 Colin Bickers opened by going through the Tennis Income. Subscriptions were up, match fees should have been the same as £600 relating to 2013 wasn’t banked until February, Visitors Fees (Bridge) similar, just less income received from floodlights. Tennis expenditure was down significantly on the previous year as no major work had been undertaken on either club or courts. Other income was down, including the bar but could be countered by there being a fair amount of ‘stock and money in till’. There was £45,500 in the bank compared to £33,000 the previous year. Colin finished his statement by asking if there were any questions, none were raised.

The accounts were then proposed by Arlo Parker and seconded by Lindsay Edmonds. The members present voted and were all in favour of accepting.


4.01 Graham Hawkey-Smith outlined the committee’s recommendation that subscriptions were not increased for the 2014/15 season, but held for the 4th year running as things were still tough economically and the club wanted to attract new members and remain competitive.

4.02 It was also proposed by the committee that a new ‘Beginner’ membership rate be introduced, so that adults new to the game of tennis could be directed to the appropriate coaching and play sessions.

4.03 Dave Dennison raised the question of how new members were played into the club. Graham Hawkey-Smith responded by stating that ALL new members now had to be assessed by one of the Club’s coaches, who had the responsibility of directing them to the appropriate coaching and organized play sessions according to standard.

Steve Burton proposed and Mike Fenn seconded 4.01 – 4.03 inclusive and all members present were in favor.

Election of Officers 2014/15

5.01 Dave Dennison Proposed on block all Officers of the Club as listed, this was seconded by Ben Lane and carried by the members present.

Election of Auditors 2014/15

6.01 The election of Dave Dennison and Brian Heath as Club Auditors was proposed by Mike Fenn and seconded by Paul Newbury and carried by the members present.

Any Other Business

7.01 Carol Sams asked why there was no Hall Hire income. Colin Bickers responded that two parties held had gone into the bar accounts and Bridge hire was included in the visitors fees. The club does not actively advertise hiring the club out, as there is the potential of no members being present should anything happen.

7.02 The repair of the pergola was raised. Graham Hawkey-Smith responded that we were looking to improve its image but that no decisions had been made and other quotes were to be obtained. The committee would also look at replacing the furniture underneath.

7.03 Arlo Parker raised the question of the renovation of court 1 and that several members felt more sand was required. Graham Hawkey-Smith responded that the club was trying to find other solutions regarding the baseline of court 1 and were actively encouraging members to play on any of the other courts available and only use court 1 as a last resort. The application of more sand was in-hand and would be done in the near future. It was also felt that matches should be played on the bottom 3 courts and Lindsay Edmonds was asked to notify Captains of that fact.

7.04 Mike Fenn proposed a vote of thanks to the committee.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 12.35 pm.