Weekend Membership Application

Play allowed from 6:00 pm Friday to 10:15 pm Sunday.
Entry to Club Open and Handicap tournaments included.
(Club tournament matches can be played at any time)
NOTE – This membership does NOT allow play in match tennis against other clubs.


    Membership Option (Required)

    Weekend Membership (Standard) (£125)JOINT Weekend Membership* (-£14)FAMILY Weekend Membership** (+£20)COUNTRY Weekend Membership***

    Prompt Payment

    Prompt Payment Discount (-£3)

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    Nominated Social Member****

    Are you Interested in Coaching*****



    *If another adult in your household is also a playing member. Joint membership may compromise of different membership types and both applicants must each complete a separate application form.

    **If you would like to include up to 4 Junior members (under 18 years of age as of 1st September 2016) from your household. Family Membership fee must be paid by BOTH adult members if Joint membership is being applied for. Junior members may play every day subject to existing Junior restrictions.

    ***Please apply to membership secretary for any Country Membership discount.

    ****All types of adult playing memberships include one Social (non-playing) membership for each adult playing member. Please enter the full name of your nominated Social (non-playing) member in the ‘Nominated Social Member’ box.

    *****If you would like the Club Professional to contact you to talk about the coaching programmes available at the Club please tick ‘Yes’.

    Prompt Payment Discount awarded if payment is received by 1st May. (For Wimbledon ticket ballot entry, payment must be by end of April and an ‘opted in’ British Tennis member).

    Membership valid for 12 months or pro-rata till 31st March 2018 from date of joining.

    Note: Membership details may be passed on to the Essex County Lawn Tennis Association in accordance with the terms of the Club’s affiliation agreement. They will also be used by the Club for mailings to members but will not be made available to any other organisation or person, except for telephone numbers which will be available to other members and posted on the notice board in the clubhouse by the telephone, and email addresses which will also be available to other members.